Personal brand – what does yours stand for?

This week I have been looking at personal branding and the concept of how to ‘market’ oneself. What questions to ask to ensure that you understand and are able to effectively describe what is unique about you, in order to differentiate yourself from others but most importantly in order to define yourself to others.

Understanding your brand is important throughout your career e.g. by helping you to secure a job, an investment, a promotion, a leadership role, but it goes beyond that. It is about the identity you set yourself to describe how others should see you. It is the definition of your values and what you stand for. It is so much more than just an ‘elevator pitch’.

So many people spend so little time focusing on developing a brand for them, and end up instead having a brand assigned to them by others. Developing and defining your personal brand is such a worthy exercise to undertake regardless of what stage in life/career you are on. Considering who you are and how you want to be perceived, and then what values and behaviours go alongside that can have an incredible influence on other’s opinions of you, but most importantly, it can help shape who you become!

Leticia Corbisier, Aretai LLP