Aretai is a name that we chose carefully in order to represent the business we wanted to create and the philosophy at its core.

The word’s derivation is Ancient Greek (αρετη) and conventionally translates as ‘virtue’. For the Greeks, living with aretai meant being the best you can be by making the most of your potential and your skills. It was for them the highest human ideal, and incorporated the qualities of courage, self-awareness, wisdom and a willingness to change.

In today’s world we believe these qualities not only still represent the pinnacle of being, but also lead to superior business and commercial performance.

That’s why our philosophy is one best described as Aretai.

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Aretai has worked with Lambert Smith Hampton over a number of years helping us with leadership and talent challenges as we have been growing our business.  They combine great professional development expertise with a grounded and practical approach that is important here.  They are also good fun to work with and that is not to be overlooked.

Mark Winsor, Lambert Smith Hampton