Leadership development

There is more theory on leadership than just about any other area of business practice. Much of it is great. And yet it is still difficult to get a clear idea of what ‘leadership’ really is.

At Aretai we believe that true leadership is vital for business success; we believe that it can be learnt, honed and improved. We believe real leaders drive your business, they implement your strategy and maximise your market opportunities. They make your vision a reality, they are valued advisors to your clients and they motivate your people. In short, they are leaders who inspire those around them to be as good as they can be.

Our Partners are commercial, pragmatic and experienced in helping leaders grow into their roles. We can help you maximise the potential of your leaders through the development of bespoke programmes for groups or by working intensively on a one-to-one basis.

Our Partners have experience in:

  • Enhancing team dynamics with the board or leadership team
  • Creating executive and partner development programmes
  • Building high potential capability interventions
  • Resolving team conflicts
Our team


Aretai provide us with truly innovative leadership development as a core partner in our initiative to transform the leadership capability of our legal management team. They support us via the delivery of hugely practical programmes that continue to push boundaries to enable our team to grow as a high-performing collective.

Kate Cheetham, Group General Counsel, Lloyds Banking Group