Executive search

Executive search is a proven way of confidentially targeting and engaging with top rated individuals who have a specific set of skills, knowledge and experience, perfectly suited to a client’s long term needs and objectives.

We have a strong record of guiding clients towards talent across all specialist functions. We have an exceptionally high successful completion rate and pride ourselves on producing diverse candidate shortlists.

We begin by taking an in-depth brief from our client from which we will produce a detailed and engaging role specification. Having refined our go-to-market strategy, we will then thoroughly research the market (local, global and/or sector specific) and identify suitable candidates to whom we will make our direct approach. We will conduct in-depth interviews, assessing the candidate’s suitability and competence, cultural fit and transferable skills. Only then will we present detailed reports on the most qualified candidates to our client for final approval.

Our primary objective is to identify and attract the best talent in the market for your organisation. If you would like to learn more about our senior professional network and how we can support you in your executive search, please do get in touch.

Our team


We worked closely with Aretai to secure an experienced talent acquisition manager as we moved to an in-house model. Their approach was innovative, flexible and creative and they worked tirelessly to find the right candidate. We were particularly impressed by their ability to interpret our brief with haste and present candidates within a short timeframe.

Joe Bailey, People Development Manager, Skillcapital